Children's Education

Sacred Heart Parish is committed to the faith formation of our children.  Anyone who was formed and educated in a Catholic parish, who made sacrifices to provide a Catholic education for their children or grandchildren or who served on a faculty in a Catholic School or Parish School of Religion contributed to that faithful past.  Their legacy enables us today to continue to create a faith-filled future.

The challenges that face Catholic education today are many: continuing to provide quality education in a time of technological and communication explosion, searching for new funding resources as the cost of education spirals, employing competent, committed Christian educators in an increasingly competitive market and most importantly, being faithful to the mission of the Catholic Church to provide a strong foundation in religious formation for the young people entrusted to our care.

We believe in our mission.  We take great pride in our Catholic schools - both Sacred Heart Parish School and the Sacred Heart Parish School of Religion.  It is our hope that a future generation, who was formed and educated in our schools, who made sacrifices to provide Catholic education, who staffed our schools, who supported Catholic schools in any way or partnered with us as benefactors will celebrate a FAITHFUL PAST and hope for a FAITH-FILLED FUTURE.

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