Homilies from our presiding priests and/or deacons are posted as a resource for additional listening, reflection, or sharing.  Homilies from our priests and deacons rotate over a one month period. To listen to a specific homily, simply click on the homily name. 

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  Deacon Tom
  February 9, 2014
  Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time - A
  "Expect Great Results from Small Deeds."

  Fr. Denny
  February 15, 2014
  Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time - A
  "It's All About Relationship - between God and between Us."

  Deacon Charlie
  February 23, 2014
  Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time - A
  "Going the Second Mile."

  Fr. Denny
  March 1, 2014
  Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time - A
  "When we worry, we can go to our God who will embrace us."

  Fr. Denny
  March 9, 2014
  First Sunday in Lent - A  (Girl Scout Sunday)
  "God Continues to Give Us the Freedom to Make Choices."

  Deacon Tom
  March 16, 2013
  Second Sunday of Lent - A
  "Jesus in still inviting Everyone to Heaven."

  Fr. Bob
  March 23, 2014
  Third Sunday of Lent - A
  "God fills His people with the Water they seek."

  Fr. Joe
  March 30, 2014
  Fourth Sunday of Lent - A
  "When We Stray into Darkness, Jesus brings us Back."

  Fr. Lijo
  April 6, 2014
  Fifth Sunday of Lent - A
  "God Answers Us in His own Way."

  Fr. Lijo
  April 13, 2014
  Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord - A
  "How much do we Acknowledge that we need Salvation?

  Fr. Bob
  April 17, 2014
  Holy Thursday of the Lord's Supper - A
  "We must be of Service to one another."

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