Parish History

Sacred Heart Catholic Church has a rich and varied history.  Over its 100+ years serving the community of Valley Park, Sacred Heart has grown from its early beginning of 33 families to a blossoming parish with almost 3000 families.

The links below will give you a colorful history that is especially focused on our renovation.

(Please be patient as the pages load.  Some are sizeable and take a little time.)

Part 1:  Sacred Heart - Beating Among Us

Part 2:  Sacred Heart - Renewing

Part 3:  Sacred Heart - A Century of Faith

Part 4:  Sacred Heart - Welcoming All

Part 5:  Sacred Heart - Waters of Life and Nourishment

Part 6:  Sacred Heart - God Works in Us

Part 7:  Sacred Heart - Contemplating the Passion

Part 8:  Sacred Heart - Models of Living

Part 9:  Sacred Heart - Our Mission

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