ACTS Retreats

Sacred Heart Parish offers the ACTS weekend retreats for both adults and teens.  This parish-based retreat energizes participants in the Catholic faith.  It offers the opportunity to renew your spirituality and prayer life, to strengthen your faith and its application in your daily life, and to build lasting friendships among members of the parish community. It is presented by members of our parish with spiritual direction from our parish priests and pastoral associate.

The current core team for the ACTS Retreats is made up of the following individuals:

Facilitator:                       Mary Marino
Co-Facilitator:                  Rick Kingsbury
Secretary:                        Dave Howard 
Communications:              Beth Werkmeister
Social/Spiritual:                Brandi Reichert
Supplies:                          Bob Zuehlke
Retreat Support:               Carolyn Curran and Alicia Bueno
Music:                              Jerry Kemp
Public Relations:               Kevin Pilla
Teen ACTS Rep.                Sean Barth

For more detailed information on the Adult ACTS Retreat and the Teen ACTS Retreat, click the appropriate sub-menu to the left.

CONTACT:  Sr. Cathy Vetter   636-225-5268

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